We pride ourselves in our work and it shows

Founded in the summer of 1999 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this firm is dedicated to upholding the law to the best of its ability and representing its clients to a degree that is matched by few. The dedication and commitment this firm is based on has helped it move into the new millennium and beyond. While growth has been exponential, the basic qualities of commitment and dedication to its clientele have remained paramount to the mission of Rose L. Brand & Associates, P.C.

  • Accolades

    RLBA has earned numerous recognitions and awards in the past and continues to strive to add more to our increasing repitoire.

    We have earned the “2009 LPS Summit Award” which was given to only seven firms in the nation with Rose L. Brand & Associates, P.C. being the only such rated creditor's rights firm in New Mexico. We were honored again with the “2010 LPS Summit Award”. Out of twenty six firms Rose L. Brand & Associates, P.C. was once again the only such rated creditor’s rights firm in New Mexico to be recognized. We have also maintained the highest accuracy and turn-around ratings in New Mexico and do all of our drafting in-house.

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  • Compliance

    RLBA has created a robust compliance management system to identify, measure, monitor, and control the inherent compliance risks in the legal field of creditor’s rights including managing and monitoring loans in foreclosure.

    We have in-house IT, security and compliance experts. Our programs cover risk management, governance, regulatory reporting and compliance and IT functions.

    Due to the complexity of regulations in the fields of law handled by RLBA, we take particular care to ensure employees are aware of regulatory requirements and comply with them through ongoing training and quality control monitoring. Training materials and Standard Operating Procedure Notebooks are available to all employees on the Company’s intranet; training is required and documented for all employees at hire and annually thereafter. We pride ourselves in our work and it shows.

  • Technology

    Information Technology (IT) functions are critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm’s ability to deliver excellent service to clients. Technological advances provide a more efficient way to provide quality and timely results to our clients, and these processes get results.

    We have in-house IT, security and compliance experts. Our programs cover risk management, governance, regulatory reporting and compliance and IT functions.

    ProLaw is a fully integrated software solution that combines contact, document and matter management, with time entry and expense management in a single database. Prolaw software allows for the electronic mapping of cases as they progress through the foreclosure process. This system also allows our firm to maintain an imaged copy of our file and all other loan related documents. ProLaw dockets have been created for each milestone event including every pleading to track the progress of the loan. Queries for all types of statuses and reports are able to be produced by this program, including but not limited to, tracking significant dates and milestones for all types of legal proceedings and referral types, the duration between various process stages, status changes such as holds and the ability to parse holds into different categories.

  • Memberships

    RLBA is part of the following associations:

    • ALFN
    • Legal League 100
    • 5 Star Conferences
    • New Mexico Bar Association
    • American Bar Association